AppCoins Can Produce 680%+ Profits To Mar '19 Peak Price

BINANCE:APPCBTC   AppCoins / Bitcoin
AppCoins ( APPCBTC ) is the one that I am looking at next.

I remember this altcoin for making great gains in short amounts of time.

Just looking back to March 2019, over 680% of profits can be collected by reaching this price peak.

If we go long-term and look at the numbers just for fun, APPCBTC all-time high is now sitting at 13,000%+...

Here is the weekly/long-term chart:
On the chart above we can also notice bullish divergence on the RSI . I tend to believe that the bullish divergence that shows up on the RSI is stronger than when it comes up on the MACD .

On the daily time frame, we are looking at two strong support levels:

  • 1) First support. This is the dashed line sitting at 0.00000317. If this level is broken APPCBTC moves lower.
  • 2) Second support. Brown line which is sitting at 0.00000229. This is most likely where the price will bounce if the first support breaks. If this support also breaks a quick bounce can be expected after.

Looking to the upside, we mark our targets/resistance levels next:

  • We start with EMA50 at 0.00000498.
  • Followed by EMA100 at 0.00000709.
  • And finally EMA200 at 0.00001062.
  • Additional targets are marked on the chart with dashed magenta lines.

Not much time left before the entire altcoins market starts to move up again.

If you have any questions, feel free to use the comments section below.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Aug 26
Comentario: Looking good. We are seeing good volume and higher lows being printed.

- The dashed magenta line on top is the main resistance to break for APPCBTC to go higher.
- The dashed blue line at the bottom is our support.
- APPCBTC remains bullish.
Aug 31
Comentario: Slowly moving higher and up to 25% of profits generated so far...
More to come.
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Excellent Analysis Master. Thank You
+1 Responder
@sidhabdn, :)

Master do you have any update about appc?
@armanila, Done.
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