BitTorrent Reaches Bottom? Change Of Trend Coming!

BitTorrent ( BTTBTC ) reached bottom... This is the theme of today's analysis... Let's take a look.

BitTorrent was launched/added to Binance and the opening price was 6 satoshis. Just two days ago BTTBTC hit a new all-time low at 5 satoshis, to me, this marks BitTorrents bottom.

Once you are down, the only place left to go is up.

You can't go any lower than the bottom...
You can stay there for a while, you can doubt you can stop the growth... But once you are down, all that is left is to go back up.

Trading volume has come to a halt. While BTTBTC remained bearish , moving lower, there is no trading volume .

RSI hit oversold. There are no sellers left and the RSI is already moving up sitting now at 42.

MACD bullish divergence . The bullish divergence on the MACD has been building up since May. We are now seeing a young bullish crossover.

Above-average daily volume . If you zoom to today's candle, the daily volume is going green and above average.

Bitcoin strong drop had no effect on BitTorrent. Bitcoin made a huge retrace, great momentum on the drop for the past three days, yet BTTBTC grew in price or remained the same...

This also happened for Wanchain and QuarkChain, see the charts below:

We reached the end of the road... For now, we buy and reload.
It doesn't matter what happens at this point just buy and hold. Buy and hold, is all I say...
We will see in a few short weeks when the market goes our way.

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This is Alan Masters.

Comentario: I am feeling BitTorrent today... Same chart but just getting the feeling...
Comentario: New update:
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People, it's a good project, and people will hear about it. What I find extremely curious is the dollar amount being traded in USDT, It dwarfs many major coins. The amount of "inside knowledge" and accumulation going on here seems to be kinda odd and obvious. What do you guys and gals see?
Beekeeper088 KingRalph

There is more volatility in the USDT pairing. BTT/BTC is log jammed. I think people throw loot at the Tether pairing hoping to catch a pump but can more easily liquidate the position. It takes moving a mountain to bump the BTC pairing 1 sat.
My analysis about btt/btc give me your opinion my friend
Wow you guys have been quite wrong for months now about BTT. You cant keep calling a turn around every month until it happens then pretend you knew it was coming.
Bought between 5-6 . . Have I bought at good price ? Waiting for turn around hmmm
alanmasters kamrankhattak
@kamrankhattak, Sounds like a good price...
Beekeeper088 alanmasters
@alanmasters, This can go lower and will. There is no support until 0. Buy at 1 sat and hope your first in line at 2 sats ;-)
Will take some serious marketing by the trim foundation to break above 8 sats but when it does we may see 21 sats again. October/nov imo
alanmasters Brand_Serve
@Brand_Serve, It will move mostly based on market cycles.
Can you update please?
+3 Responder
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