Bitcoin Showing Early Signals of Reversal | Next Target $8.2k

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dólar estadounidense
Bitcoin ( BTCUSD ) is showing early reversal signals.

We can see its price now moving above EMA10 and gaining momentum.

  • If this movement continues, we can expect Bitcoin to hit $8,088 easily followed by $8,200 after.

  • The $7800 - $7900 range is where we can now find strong support. If prices move lower, this will be a very important level.

Right now, Bitcoin is now aiming higher but we still need to see some volume for this move to be strong.

Patience is key...
Thanks a lot for your support.

Oct 20
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Good call.
I strongly agree with your $8.6K text on your chart there. And past that price there's hardly any resistance upwards on the VPVR, so another push upwards could be a great possibility.
But for now the small battles have to be won. Here's my view of what could happen in the very immediately short term.
Thank you so much for your posts, highly appreciated. Keep up the great work.

Great Idea!
What do you think about my. Here I am telling about zones of interests and strong levels of support and resistance, also I explained how current trading range has been formed.
bull in a china store
alanmasters BlockchainYahoo
@BlockchainYahoo, People eat bulls in China?
+1 Responder
@alanmasters, What i meant is that your chart is bullish
+1 Responder
alanmasters BlockchainYahoo
@BlockchainYahoo, Ok got it.
as always great chart. I was little bit early.
@konikko, But still a great job... Thanks for sharing.