Basic Attention Token Next Falling Wedge (300% Profits)

BINANCE:BATBTC   Basic Attention Token / Bitcoin
Here is the full chart for Basic Attention Token ( BATBTC ) on Binance, it shows data since November 2017.

We are going to keep it simple today and look at the multiple falling wedges throughout time.

Notice that each time a falling wedge is completed, a new up-wave takes place.

The current falling wedge is the biggest one, which means that it can also produce the best results.

Here we are looking at 300% potential profits based on my calculations, long-term, but it can produce even more.

What are your thoughts?
Please share with us in the comments section below...

Comentario: (1) 0.00002111 -Reached 20-Sept. (+17%)
Comentario: Another target (4) hit perfectly...
Enjoy the profits.


(1) 0.00002111 |Hit 20-Sept. (+17%)
(2) 0.00002411 |Hit 4-Oct. (+33%)
(3) 0.00002611 |Hit 6-Oct. (+44%)
(4) 0.00002911 |Hit 18-Oct. (+61%)
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