BeCareful With HyperCash, It Can Go Much, Much Higher...

BINANCE:HCBTC   HyperCash / Bitcoin
Looking at past history for HyperCash, just 1.5 months ago, we can a similar situation to what we are seeing now...

So, be careful, this altcoin pair ( HCBTC ) can go much higher.

Let's take a look at the chart...

  • Notice the blue circle, this is what I call a "fake breakdown", I believe people call it a bear trap?, I don't know... The thing is that we see a break below support that is short-lived followed by a very strong bounce which leads to a new impulse move.

  • The last time this happened HyperCash ( HCBTC ) grew by as much as 320%...

  • Yesterday's candle (16-August) reached 96% growth... Crazy numbers.

  • All I am saying is that HyperCash can go much higher...

Remember to trade safely.
Remember to use a stop-loss.
Remember to diversify.
Remember to have always a plan.
Remember to breathe before taking action.
Remember to LOVE!

Comentario: Moving higher... +14% so far.
Comentario: HCBTC reached up to 0.0003180 (0.786 fib. extension) from low of 0.0001767 and now started to retrace.

Total profits from the low to peak price reached today is 80%.
Total profits since sharing is 21%.

This is not a piece of trade advice.
All of our trades contain buy-in, targets, stop-loss and additional information...

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need update on this one maybe failed?
Can you please give an update on this?
Thanks for best analysis @alanmasters .I've gain good proits from hyper cash but now it seems like dead!!
Does it look like its retracing?
Hey Alan can you do an analysis of fet/btc?
+1 Responder
alanmasters HomoSapien
@HomoSapien, Yes, I will for you.
alanmasters HomoSapien
@HomoSapien, Not much here, consolidating... Needs more time.

The chart is bearish (continuation) neutral.

Thanks for the analysis Alan! Could you review and analyze PPC and IOC? , it seems that they are moving. Thank you
+1 Responder
@VGCarol, Yes, will do.
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