Celer Network Volume Is Going Up, Where To Next? (320% Profits)

BINANCE:CELRBTC   Celer Network / Bitcoin
Celer Network ( CELRBTC ) is showing multiple bullish signals and can start to move positively soon.

Remember the last strong drop for Bitcoin ( BTCUSD ), the Binance altcoins remained on support even while Bitcoin was retracing for several days straight, normally they would crash hard with the kind of drop we saw for Bitcoin . This is signaling that the altcoins are on the consolidation phase and getting ready for their next move.

Now we see Bitcoin being shy, moving slow but still remaining really strong... As it grows slowly and retraces, moving within a range, this will add liquidity to the altcoins market helping us collect great gains...

Now, let's take a look at Celer Network, what does the chart say?

  • We can see increasing volume , one of the best indicator for upcoming action, either way.
  • Trading above EMA10 = bullish potential.
  • Bullish MACD and RSI .

You can see some of our targets on the chart above as well as additional details.

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This is Alan Masters.

Aug 21
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Target Alltime High Or Dump! Like, comment, share. I need points to comment in chatrooms.
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alanmasters RamboTraderSignal
@alanmasters, thanx
Thx for sharing! CELR USDT looks good as well. Feel free to check one of my calls. Happy with every single feedback or critique. Together becoming stronger!!
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alanmasters CryptoTraderXL
@CryptoTraderXL, Thanks for sharing, will do.
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