FunFair Getting Ready To Move +40% (Early Signal Spotted)

BINANCE:FUNBTC   FunFair / Bitcoin
FunFair ( FUNBTC ) is one of those that retraced really "good"... But once you are down the only place left to go is up!

Looking at the 4H time frame chart, we can see that FUNBTC is showing strong signals for an upcoming impulse move... If it can remain above EMA100.

  • EMA100 (blue line) has been working as strong resistance. Each time this level was hit a retrace happened and further price depreciation continued.

  • FUNBTC has been trading below EMA100 since mid-June 2019.

Now, FUNBTC managed to break and stay above EMA100 for the first time and it did so with a huge green volume bar.

In some instances, FUNBTC tried to move past EMA100 with a weak RSI . Now the RSI is very strong sitting at 65.69 and trading above all resistance. It can easily move higher.

We are seeing Binance altcoins going full green mode, something that we have been expecting for a while, and we are sure to see FunFair moving bullish soon as well.

You can find our targets on the chart above.

Alan Masters Tips
  • Remember to always have a plan when you trade.
  • Remember to prepare for all scenarios, down, sideways or up.
  • Collect profits whenever you reach your goal.
  • Save for new trades, for long-term, for withdrawal, for Bitcoin , for food or whatever you want... But always make sure to secure profits on the way up.

Thanks a lot for reading and for your continued support.

Aug 24
Comentario: This is the one where I put my money so... Thank you for the profits.
Over 33.33% of profits so far... More to come for sure.
Aug 25
Comentario: TARGET:

(1) 30 -Reached 24-Aug. (+25%)
(2) 37 -Reached 24-Aug. (+54%)
(*) 40 -Reached 25-Aug. (+66%)
(3) 42 -Reached 25-Aug. (+75%) <- Will hit later today.
Sep 09
Comentario: Starting to move again...
Sep 19
Comentario: Getting ready to move again... This time it will go higher.
Sep 30
Comentario: TARGET:

(1) 30 -Reached 24-Aug. (+25%)
(2) 37 -Reached 24-Aug. (+54%)
(3) 42 -Reached 25-Aug. (+75%)
(4) 48 -Reached 30-Sept. (+100%)
(*) 51 -Reached 30-Sept. (+125%)
(5) 55
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