CyberMiles Jumps... CMTBTC Is Just Getting Started!

BINANCE:CMTBTC   CyberMiles / Bitcoin
Let's take a look at CyberMiles ( CMTBTC ) on Binance, this altcoin pair started to move today and it is growing with great momentum and volume ... Let's get started.

CyberMiles ( CMTBTC ) Chart Analysis by Alan Masters

  • First we can see a broken downtrend line, in red. Each time this happens we get a move to the upside... So that's our first signal.

  • Volume coming to a halt on the drop ... Bears lose momentum, break above EMA10 followed by big green candle and above-average volume .

  • At this stage of the market cycle, most altcoins are oversold, we can spot bullish divergence on the MACD almost always, this too can lead to massive growth.

  • The bullish divergence on the RSI is less common, so having this signal as well gives further strength to the other signals.

  • The RSI is now on the bullish side (above 50).

You can find all of the Fib. targets on the chart.

The low hit on the 9-Aug. can be your stop-loss.

Do you think that CyberMiles ( CMTBTC ) will continue growing?
We believe so... But as the charts are always changing and can change, we plan for every possible scenario before we buy any coin.

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@HomoSapien, There wasn't much there last time I checked (yesterday), but I will take a closer look for you.
this deal a 6 days ago 35% profit so far
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@Pro_analysis, Nice call. Thanks a lot for sharing.
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