Red Pulse Phoenix Binance Long-Term Chart Analys + Targets

BINANCE:PHBBTC   Red Pulse Phoenix Binance / Bitcoin
Red Pulse Phoenix Binance Long-Term Chart Analys + Targets

Red Pulse Phoenix Binance ( PHB ) Overview

Actionable Intelligence and Insights on China Markets When You Need It
Red Pulse is a market intelligence platform covering China’s economy and capital markets.
We connect industry experts, practitioners, and professionals together to share their insights and analyses to a global audience.

Red Pulse Phoenix Binance ( PHBBTC ) Charts

Long-term chart:
  • On the chart above we can notice a new all-time low hit on the 6th of August at 48 satoshis (0.00000048 btc ). This level held straight for 4 days and then PHBBTC moved up growing by as much as 64% (strong bounce), now it remains trading above EMA10 which gives it bullish potential.
  • The MACD is moving up and trending higher.
  • The RSI is at its highest ever and trading above all resistance.

What's your take on where PHBBTC is headed next?

Any questions? Feel free to use the comments section below.

Thanks a lot for reading.

This is Alan Masters.


When we are alive, we eagerly strive for great feelings, success, wealth, happiness, and love.

We tend to make sacrifices, giving away our time and energy, hoping this will turn in the future into positives for us.

We continue working hard, we have great moments but some of us are looking for more.

Imagine this situation, where you are tired and wanting to give up.

You remember all those great feelings and procure the energy needed to go on.

Great moments in the past, have you loving yourself once more…

Imagine peaking into the future…

You can now continue living happy, because the best is yet to happen…

The best is yet to come.

Comentario: Target:

(1) 0.00000079 -Reached 26-Aug. (+23%)
(2) 0.00000085 -Reached 26-Aug. (+33%)

Enjoy the profits.
Comentario: Still bullish... Going to move soon.
A new trade idea for PHBBTC will be published.

Thanks a lot for the continued support.
Comentario: Target:

(1) 0.00000079 |Hit 26-Aug. (+23%)
(2) 0.00000085 |Hit 26-Aug. (+33%)
(3) 0.00000090 |Hit 30-Sept. (+41%)
(4) 0.00000110 |Hit 2-Oct. (+72%)
(5) 0.00000120 |Hit 4-Oct. (+87%)
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Can you update please?
+2 Responder
@mikac, You should be securing profits each time we hit a target.
mikac alanmasters
@alanmasters, I was not asking about securing profits, I am asking you what are your opinion can it go higher or not?
would you pls update your view regarding this pair
+1 Responder
@harb315, It is basically the same chart.
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