POA Network Moves Above EMA10 | Over 160% PProfits, Up To 340%

BINANCE:POABTC   POA Network / Bitcoin
POA Network ( POABTC ) is looking really nice and bullish . Please allow me to show you quickly by looking at the chart above. Later we will proceed to explain how our stop-loss strategy works.

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  • POABTC is now trading above EMA10.
  • We can see volume slowly increasing.
  • Binance altcoins are starting to bounce.
  • There is bullish divergence on the MACD .
  • The RSI hit oversold and is now moving up with good momentum.

We are looking at multiple targets on the chart above.

The easiest one which will surely hit, if the bulls follow up, is EMA50 sitting at 205 satoshis. From the current price to this target, we are looking at 36% potential profits.

The next target is sitting around 400 satoshis (0.00000411) with over 160% profits potential and the rest can be seen on the chart.

The brown dashed bottom line is our stop-loss. We use manual stop-loss based on the weekly candle close. What this means is that POABTC price needs to close weekly below 0.00000090 (in this example) for the stop-loss to be activated.

So its price can move down to 89 satoshis, but if it bounces and closes the week above 90, then the trade remains valid. This is true for all of our trades.

Just explaining some of the basics... Because many opportunities are already on their way.

Thanks a lot for reading and your continued support.

Sep 17
Comentario: Looks like POABTC will move soon...
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