Polymath Hits New All-Time Low Followed by New ATH (1500%+ PP)

Polymath recently hit a new all-time low on Bittrex... We are looking at the long term chart and its future profits potential.

Polymath ( POLYBTC ) has the potential to generate up to 1065% profits if its price reaches ATH in 2020.

Just as most altcoins hit new lows, they can also produce new highs.

Looking at the Fibonacci proportions, POLYBTC can easily grow by as much as 1500% (15X) on the next cryptocurrency market bull run.

On the above chart, you can see long term resistance levels (targets) and potential support on another drop (stop-loss if you decide to trade).

Short term, there might be action soon... So keep an eye out on this one as it has been going down since May 2018 and the times are looking for change... From Bearish to Bullish , from Low to High, from Minus to Plus.

The easiest way to trade for beginners and those with busy lives is to buy low and wait long.

  • Buy, hold long and wait.
  • Set your sell orders on target.
  • Comeback and collect profits.
  • Forget about short-term price swings.
  • Focus on the big prize.
  • Be grateful for your earnings .
  • Thank Life, Yourself & God.

Comentario: Previous analysis:
Comentario: This one is getting ready to move...


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