Enjin Coin After 795% Profits Run (Getting Ready To Move Again)

BINANCE:ENJBTC   Enjin Coin / Bitcoin
There is no doubt that Enjin Coin ( ENJBTC ) entered a bull phase, the last wave increased its value as much as 795%, one of the strongest run so far. We also have the entire cryptocurrency market growing...

Let's take a look at the chart now!

  • ENJBTC moved down all the way to 0.786 Fib. retracement level, which stopped the drop , and is now starting to show signals of a potential low here...

  • The 0.786 Fib. retracement level from the last bullish wave also coincides with MA200 and EMA300, telling us that this is a strong support level with ENJBTC now trading above all these.

  • There is a little increase in volume , Sunday, so activity can be higher during the week.

  • The indicators are also looking good. They allow room for growth.

Conditions for change: If ENJBTC closes below 0.00001600, the above signals are invalidated and a new analysis is needed.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Jun 06
Comentario: Many Binance altcoins looking really hot right now...
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I do not think that the number of bars in cycles and the height of "pumping waves" is an accident.
All on the chart. All profit. Now I think I can take a little movement.
Coin-manual how to work with such coins "method of adaptation" and "method of management."
+2 Responder
@SpartaBTC, Nice chart, thanks for sharing.
This is a good coin. I still remember when you called BTT/BTC trade. Those who bought it around 9-11 sats are now having a huge profit. This is also nice example :)
+2 Responder
Waiting since long. Will keep holding until good profit
+1 Responder
@laluInv, I'll be buying some soon as well.
+1 Responder
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