BitTorrent Remains Strong After 120% Profits: Analysis & Update

We are now giving another look at BitTorrent at the request of one of our great supporters.

First let us say, as usual, that there is no action to take after we buy in (at our recommended buy price) other than wait for the targets to hit to collect profits.

You can sell as much as you want at each target. For example, I am pretty sure that many people sold everything at 20-22 satoshis, to buy back lower, while others sold only a portion (like me), with the intention of selling more at higher targets for different reasons.

Others didn't sell at all, while some others are yet to buy in.

Each of us can choose or build our own strategy based on personal preferences that fit our lifestyles... Let's get to the chart... So feel free to hit like now to show your support... Thanks a lot!

BitTorrent ( BTTBTC ) Chart Analysis

Here we have the daily chart , this one still looks pretty solid.

  • The blue dotted down (uptrend) is still intact.
  • BTTBTC remains bullish for me as long as it remains above EMA100 (17 satoshis), a close below this level can send it lower, to 15 satoshis, but always with bullishness in mind, meaning, if BTTBTC moves lower it will later bounce and move back up, just like when we were looking for a low but now the retraces are going to be shorter.
  • I am not seeing much bear pressure, so this level might hold.
  • Either way, we wait patiently... Because patience is the key.

Looking at the 4H time frame, the main chart above, there isn't much strength on the drop , no volume ... So bears need to follow up if they want to move BTTBTC lower.

BitTorrent can also choose to resume its uptrend anytime...

The arrows are there only to show potential scenarios and direction, not specific time frames or targets (resistance/support), these are always shared in the numbers, not the chart.

To see BitTorrent ( BTTBTC ) full numbers, make sure to click on the link below:
This is it for now, if you have any questions or want to show your support, use the comments section below.
It is my pleasure to help.

Thanks a lot for all the love.

This is Alan Masters.


Jun 04
Comentario: Support broke, looks like we are aiming for 15 Satoshis.
We'll buy more if we hit this level and even more if it goes lower.
Jun 07
Comentario: Will share another update soon, if you want to see it hit LIKE.

Waiting for 15 satoshis to buy more, rebuy and reload.
Jun 08
Comentario: If you want to know when to rebuy and reload before the next move... This is your article, everything is explained here plus full update of course.

Thanks a lot for your support.
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BTT had such a beautiful run. Looks so good on the charts with targets and retraces... Thanks for the update!
+2 Responder
alanmasters jack_hartmann
@jack_hartmann, We rebuy at 15 for another ride.
+1 Responder
BTT is following btc every inch by inch

Let’s see

+1 Responder
Yes pls update
Cheers :))

U think we will hit 15!!!?
+1 Responder
@meveme, Its possible. We will see, I will take a closer look when I post the new update.
meveme alanmasters
@alanmasters, ok
I guess if btc stays as is and pushes higher the chances of by passing 16 with that volume to buy in Binance that is could be hard
Of course overall volume is low

Waiting for update. Thank u again :))))
@meveme, It only takes time, regardless of BTC and volume.

The volume will come in when the time comes.

BTC has its own cycle, here we are looking at BitTorrent (BTT).
meveme alanmasters
@alanmasters, ok thank u
Thanks Alan, for keep updating
+1 Responder
alanmasters NoraWijaya
@NoraWijaya, It is my pleasure. :)
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