Litecoin (LTCM19) Chart Analysis (BitMEX)(10X Lev.)(100%+ ROE)

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Here we are looking at Litecoin (LTCM19) on BitMEX.

I am getting the feeling that it can break to the upside here. There is a room for one last drop though, maybe small.

Notice how LTCM19 moved up to EMA50 (magenta line) and was rejected by it but without strength, it remained trading just below this level hitting it over and over.

There was an attempt on 30-May to push LTC down but it quickly bounced when it touched EMA10.

The RSI remains strong.
The MACD looks weak, but not a big deterrent.

Possible scenarios are drawn on the chart.

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Thanks a lot for reading.

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Operación activa: Thanks a lot for the support.

I'll be sharing the trade now.

Comentario: Done. 142% ROE for LTCM19...
Wishing you great wealth, happiness, growth, luck, and infinite success.

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yo ALAN! can you do a TA on EVX trying to see if im right
This was easy as it can be lol
Nope. Sell it all
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, great ideas.
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alanmasters Tradingstrategyguides
@Tradingstrategyguides, My pleasure.
Great piece of work Alan. Keep it up!
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@TradingShot, Thanks Alan, and thanks Shot, you do great analysis as well! The both of, you are important to our community :-)
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alanmasters GER-Quality-Trades
@GER-Quality-Trades, Thanks. :)
alanmasters TradingShot
@TradingShot, Thanks a lot brother appreciated.
We must remain patient, wait for the breakout of the 2 high volume areas, and if you are a range trader, check this:

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