(Always READ) DENT Potential Impulse, Challenging Resistance Now

We already have an open trade for DENTBTC which is in profits, so this is just a reminder for those looking from the outside... If DENTBTC breaks above 23-24 satoshis with good strength and volume , we are very likely to see an impulse move to the upside.

Today is Saturday and action is developing for DENT, so higher the probabilities of seeing such move.

Conditions for change: If DNTBTC moves below EMA100 (19 satoshis), then this impulse move would be invalidated and additional consolidation is needed before we know what will happen next. A new analysis would be needed.

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  • Always read the full description first.
  • Take your time to take action.
  • If one opportunity is gone, another and better one for you will come.


DENTBTC Full Trade, with over 50% of profits already generated:
Comentario: It moved... and it reached our 4th target perfectly at 31 satoshis for 121% profits.

Thanks for trusting...

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Ripio Credit Network (RCNBTC) Looking Bullish
Comentario: Metal Looking Good...
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