[MANABTC](182%) Decentraland Long Term (865%+ Profits Potential)

BINANCE:MANABTC   Decentraland / Bitcoin
I remember Decentraland ( MANABTC ) in a time when the entire cryptocurrency market was strongly bullish and generating great profits and seeing this altcoin generate over 500%.

From January '17 to July '18, MANABTC reached up to 940% profits.

Here we are looking a the potential of an upcoming bullish wave in the long term that can generate over 865% profits, based on Fibonacci proportions.

Shorter-term, MANABTC is looking ready to move:
Here is our trade signal for this pair, hoping you collect great profits...

Trade: Decentraland ( MANABTC )

BUY: 0.00000670 – 0.00000730

NEXT SUPPORT: 0.00000600


(1) 0.00000910
(2) 0.00001130
(3) 0.00001280
(4) 0.00001470
(5) 0.00001640
(6) 0.00001820
(7) 0.00002030

(Buy calculated at 0.00000720)

STOP: Close weekly below 0.00000500.

This altcoin can be bought with long term gains in mind...

This is not financial advice.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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Thanks! I like paying close attention to MANA but have had some issues with the chart for it, so, thanks for making this :) Good for extra info.
+1 Responder
jack_hartmann jack_hartmann
@jack_hartmann, PS.. I had some nice profits from it in that late 17 run ;) Not the big ones, got in a little late.
alanmasters jack_hartmann
@jack_hartmann, Thanks for sharing, it is my pleasure.
+1 Responder
jack_hartmann alanmasters
@alanmasters, Your charts are like a brand, all very nice-looking, similar style, and good thoughts in them.
+1 Responder
alanmasters jack_hartmann
@jack_hartmann, Thanks a lot, truly appreciated.

I put lots of time and effort into it, I intend in some ways to make it easy for the eyes and especially for beginners.

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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