Enigma Starts To Gain Momentum (Potential Impulse Move)

BITTREX:ENGBTC   Enigma / Bitcoin
Enigma ( ENGBTC ) is starting to gain bullish momentum and we can see a potential impulse move happening soon.

For this move to happen we need to see volume increasing and preferably a close above EMA50 (0.00006902) on the daily time frame (less than two hours from now the daily candle closes. 00:00 UTC ).

We shared a trade for Enigma ( ENGBTC ) earlier this morning. Saw the chart yesterday when it was around 6100 satoshis but was away from my PC . Since then its value already grew by as much as 18%.

Our first target is sitting at 7500 satoshis (0.00007500) while the second one is at 8190 satoshis (0.00008190) and finally 9000 satoshis (0.00009000) for our third target.

Remember that this is a chart analysis/description, this can't be right or wrong...
We are not sharing with such intention, the intention to learn and entertain ourselves with the goal of making money.

If you enter a trade for whatever reason, you need to have a plan and a stop-loss.

The action can always go either way.

  • If it goes up, after we buy, we sell for profits.
  • If it goes down, after we buy, and hits our stop-loss, we sell for a loss.

Normally we take around 10-30% risk if our stop-loss is activated, with around 60-300% rewards if our trade goes well.

So we remain open to all scenarios and prepare accordingly... This is the best way to trade, rather than guessing and betting that something will go your way.

Regardless of what happens, we will be back and try again.

So far the profits have been amazing and the bull market is just getting started. When it is hot, the only thing that you will have to worry about is how to spend your profits.

Thanks a lot for reading.
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This is Alan Masters, and this is not financial advice.

Comentario: TARGET:

(1) 0.00007500 -Reached 7-June (+10%)
(2) 0.00008190 -Reached 7-June (+20%)
(3) 0.00009000 -Next target.
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