Harmony (ONEBTC) Binance New Listing

BINANCE:ONEBTC   Harmony / Bitcoin
Harmony (ONE) is has been trending on Binance for the past few days, promotion, airdrop, all those goodies, it has been launched recently, another interesting project.

About Harmony

Harmony aims to offer a high-throughput, low-latency, and low-fee consensus platform designed to power decentralized economies of the future.

Harmony ( ONEBTC ) is trading above EMA10, which gives it bullish potential but Recently it produced a lower high (LH) which needs to be broken if this pair wants to continue going up.

If the last high can't be broken, looks like Harmony ( ONEBTC ) will move down to test EMA10 (302 satoshis) and maybe go lower.

There isn't enough data and history for this altcoin, so it is hard to know where it will go... So a few simple potential scenarios are drawn on the chart.

So we are looking at resistance and support, if we level break, we look at the next and the movement can be followed based on candle close.

Thanks a lot for reading.
We appreciate your support.

Comentario: The last high has been broken with good strength and volume.

Harmony (ONE) moves to the upside.
+30% Profits generated.
Comentario: This one hit a new low on Binance:
The chart is looking ready for a buy...

Thanks @perolason
Comentario: New trade for Harmony (ONEBTC):
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Thanks was waiting for your post on this
+2 Responder
alanmasters MeGriffin0
@MeGriffin0, My pleasure. Glad you like it.
+3 Responder
Any updates on ONE? Seems we have reached the bottom.
alanmasters perolason
@perolason, Yeah, surely a good one... Thanks for letting me know.

alanmasters perolason
ONE vs MATIC (Co-Relation)

How can you do TA on a crypto that is brand new?
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