CloakCoin (CLOAKBTC) Wakes Up With Great Momentum

CloakCoin (CLOAKBTC) is waking up now with great strength and volume .

Just four days ago, on the 2nd June, CLOAK printed a high volume bar to challenge EMA50 (magenta line) and was rejected, now it is trying again but it looks like this time it will be successful.

The RSI is looking extremely bullish , sitting at ~59 and moving higher.

Volume is also coming in after hitting a historical support/demand zone.

CloakCoin (CLOAKBTC) has the potential to do 67X, or over 6700% potential profits to its all-time high.

Here is the long term chart with the profits potential and historical support:
The bullishness we are seeing short term which generated us over 43% profits, is just a small drop compared to the potential this altcoin has for long term gains.

Remember when we traded CloakCoin last year?
Time to trade again!

Thanks a lot for reading.

This is Alan Masters.

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Maybe you can cancel your chart. Cloak will get delisted @Bittrex.
@appileh, This is not a piece of trade advice. Nothing to cancel.
Strong coin, even with delisting of Binance this coin will go crazy.
+2 Responder
@appileh, True. Noticed it earlier.
Also I think this is the coin which we need to trade against btc at the time of bull run to maximize your profit. Am I right ?
+1 Responder
@laluInv, Yes. Here were are looking at the BTC pair (CLOAKBTC), we hardly trade these against other alts like Tether, BNB or Stable Coins.
+1 Responder
I will wait for your Singal to buy this.

+1 Responder
@laluInv, The signal is already active in our private platforms. There is no guarantee that I will share it here.
laluInv alanmasters
@alanmasters, sure thanks
+1 Responder
@laluInv, Sent through message.
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