Ripple Now Challenging EMA50 (Potential To Go Higher)

Ripple ( XRPBTC ) is now moving and has the potential to go higher.

Challenging EMA50 (0.00005436) today, we are seeing really good volume on the 4H time frame, as well as momentum building up.

The RSI is bullish at 58.40 trading above all resistance levels and is at its highest since December 2018.

The MACD is entering the bullish zone and looking good.

Keep in mind that Ripple ( XRPBTC ) does very strong moves, either up or down... And we had a very strong bearish wave recently that ended on the 13 May. Now, a bullish wave is on the making.

Here is our LONG TERM analysis for Ripple:
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Jun 06
Comentario: Take a look at Litecoin (LTCM19) as well. We are at 50%+ ROE in less than 48 hours.

Jun 07
Comentario: Ardor (ARDRBTC)(+70%)
Jun 07
Comentario: Litecoin (LTCM19)(+70.42%)

Zilliqa (ZILBTC)(+33%)

Enigma (ENGBTC)(+20%)
Jun 07
Comentario: Zcoin (XZCBTC)(Trade Active)

Polymath (POLYBTC) Trade Active)

MainFrain (MFTBTC)(Trade Active)
Jun 07
Comentario: Status (SNTBTC)(+30%)

NAV Coin (NAVBTC)(Trade Active)
Jun 07
Comentario: Bitcoin Going to $82,352 According To Elliot Wave Theory
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@alanmasters, but also missing the huge dumps
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