[NPXSBTC](127%) Pundi X Prepares For Breakout @alanmasters

BINANCE:NPXSBTC   Pundi X / Bitcoin
Pundi X ( NPXSBTC ) is looking better than ever to start moving... It is getting ready for action.

We will be sharing a trade for you below, but first, let's take a quick look at our now classic signals:

  • 15 consecutive green candles and now trading above EMA10.
  • Trading volume is clearly higher than average and growing.
  • Challenging EMA50 (11 satoshis) resistance and trying to break above it.
  • Bullish MACD and RSI .

The weekly chart is also looking bullish and just getting started...

Here is the chart:
BUY: 9-11


(1) 14
(2) 16
(3) 18
(4) 20
(5) 22
(6) 25

STOP: Close weekly below 7.

Thanks a lot for the amazing support.

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This is not financial advice.

Operación activa: NPXSBTC breaks 12 satoshis and is now challenging EMA100 at 13 satoshis, this level hasn't been touched since the 2nd May.


After this resistance, you could say the path is clear until 18 satoshis... Patience is key.
Comentario: Buy-in calculated at 11 satoshis.
If you bought at 10 satoshis profits for first target is 40%.


(1) 14 -Reached 28-May (+27%)
(2) 16 -Next target.
(3) 18
(4) 20
(5) 22
(6) 25
Operación activa: Trade active and in profits... Wait patiently, patience is key.
Comentario: Bullishness continues... Patience, patience, patience...
I am loaded on NPXSBTC.

Weekly chart:
Operación activa: Pundi X (NPXSBTC) is now moving positively... This trade is active.

Operación cerrada manualmente: We are closing this trade manually, we are focusing on other pairs/projects, we have plenty of choices.
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Thank you for your work!
What do you think about my chart?


Thank you @alanmasters for your great support for community and LIFE! I enjoy following you, on Trading view, I hope to continue my learning and understanding.

I have been following NPXS for a good bit, Def. loaded up.
Coin can really give a very big profit.
+1 Responder
I think trade is valid. Now PundiX is in Downtrend It's my thought what you say bro? Still trade active or little correction at 9-10? Please update.
alanmasters irfanali741
@irfanali741, The trade remains valid as long as NPXSBTC remains above our stop-loss.

The retrace you mention is already in place.

+1 Responder
Scam coin
I am Overloaded, Patients Patients is Key. Good Luck Holders, Thank Alan Bro.
Should we buy in 11? Accumulation zone?
What's your suggestion a retrace at 11 possible or to go up from here?
irfanali741 irfanali741
@irfanali741, As i said a retest has happened 11/S. Please also update your TA now
+1 Responder
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