Bankex Chart Analysis | Long-Term Targets (1224% - 3335% PProfi

BITTREX:BKXBTC   Bankex / Bitcoin
Let's take a look at Bankex ( BKXBTC ) on Bittrex.

This is one of the many low volume altcoins projects that are available to trade on this exchange. We have one chart only for BKXBTC from September 2018. You can see it at the bottom of this trade idea.

Low volume pairs/exchanges can be risky, especially if you are in a bear market, but once we enter a bull market, these low volume altcoin projects can be some of the most profitable pairs to trade.

We use only 1-3% of capital per trade... Let's get to the chart.

Bankex ( BKXBTC )
  • The main reason I started sharing this was to provide long-term targets, these can be spotted easily on the chart, the grey, and orange lines. These are Fib. targets.
  • Over 1200% profits potential to 2019's peak price. Over 3300% to BKXBTC all-time high.

Bankex ( BKXBTC ) Signals
  • Here we start by looking at the hammer candlestick on the week of the 5th of August. This one is signaling that this downtrend might be coming to a halt or that a bounce will happen at these levels.
  • Bullish divergence on the MACD and RSI .
  • RSI oversold.
  • The Cryptocurrency Market bear cycle reaching its conclusion.

Bankex ( BKX ) Overview

We are a fintech company that utilizes new technologies to expand the frontiers of traditional financing.

BANKEX provides the universal solution which can transform different asset classes to a digital system/field/economy/area providing it with liquidity, flexibility, and safety for asset owners and investors like never before.

This one is good for a long-term hold.

Thanks a lot for reading...

Previous trade idea
( BKXBTC ) Bankex Trade Signal (120% PP ) | Sep 28, 2018


This is not financial advice.
Sep 03
Comentario: BUY: 46 - 60


(1) 80 -Reached 28-Aug. (+40%)
(*) 92 -Reached 28-Aug. (+61%)
Sep 05
Comentario: It keeps on growing...
(*) 98 -Reached 5-Sept. (+72%)

Enjoy the profits.
Sep 07
Comentario: We continue moving higher:


(1) 80 -Reached 28-Aug. (+40%)
(2) 102 -Reached 5-Sept. (+79%)
(3) 135 -Reached 6-Sept. (+137%)
(*) 144 -Reached 6-Sept. (+153%)

Sep 10
Comentario: TARGET:

(1) 80 -Reached 28-Aug. (+40%)
(2) 102 -Reached 5-Sept. (+79%)
(3) 135 -Reached 6-Sept. (+137%)
(4) 160 -Reached 6-Sept. (+180%)
(5) 190 -Next target.
Sep 10
Comentario: Profits so far...
Sep 12
Comentario: TARGET:

(1) 80 -Reached 28-Aug. (+40%)
(2) 102 -Reached 5-Sept. (+79%)
(3) 135 -Reached 6-Sept. (+137%)
(4) 160 -Reached 6-Sept. (+180%)
(5) 190 -Reached 10-Sept. (+233%)
(6) 225 -Reached 11-Sept. (+294%)
(7) 250 -Reached 11-Sept. (+338%) @ 245
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Please stop nagging, I sold at first target :D
Those Bittrex trades are crazy.
I'm in SWTBTC now, it looks interesting.
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alanmasters Harry_Seldon
@Harry_Seldon, All these small cap. Bittrex pairs will do massive numbers... It will be hard to believe even while we see it happening LIVE!
+1 Responder
Harry_Seldon alanmasters
@alanmasters, Yes, even harder to believe after all the talk about altcoins being dead.
It's probably true that a great number are dying projects, but I still believe that when the BTCs will flow into the market, everything will move.
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alanmasters Harry_Seldon
@Harry_Seldon, Yes... And trading in exchanges like Bittrex, Poloniex, KuCoin, etc., can be something completely separate from the altcoin project itself. So if these groups can keep their listing, they will continue to move following the market cycles regardless of what progress they are doing.

So we have the altcoins and their projects and we also have trading as something that can be complete separate from the projects themselves.

Some altcoins can die of course, or maybe even many... But the market will only grow bigger and stronger in the years to come... Sooner rather than later.
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reliable coins analyze better
+1 Responder
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