AdEx Bottom & Eve Pattern (Imminent Breakout | Fast 35% - 56%)

AdEx ( ADXBTC ) printed the Bottom & Eve pattern, one that we have been seeing lately and the same one that Bitcoin ( BTCUSD ) produced after it hit its December 2018 low.

After the Bitcoin chart produced this pattern, its price grew from ~$3,333 to $13,000 plus.

AdEx can also have massive growth and here we are looking at an imminent breakout scenario... It can happen in a matter of days.

Everything is shown on the chart.

Blue is support and magenta is our target or where the price will find resistance. You will see, it will be right there.

The thing is that this is a good setup.

Aug 26
Comentario: Please keep in mind that all these charts/analyzes/trades we share require time to fully develop.

Any trade can take 1-3 weeks to start moving and up to 6 months or more to fully develop... PATIENCE IS KEY!
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Adam & Eve target reached : 908 + ((908-722) * 0.66) = 1030
Not sure about what will happen next.
alanmasters AlcyoneOrion
@AlcyoneOrion, It needs more time to develop.
AlcyoneOrion alanmasters
@alanmasters, the 1.618 fib extension for wave 3 seems to push this to 1300. Gonna see if rsi hold 50 on 4h time-frame to stay on the bullish side.
Although some of your postings find home runs, more often than not they end up losing.... without being overly critical here, I'm wondering why you post such an excessive number of alt calls... the sheer number that you post provides the odds. that some will be winners

So I'm wondering why you are not more Discerning and look for
+6 Responder
alanmasters BlurShines
@BlurShines, These are chart analysis, not trades or calls.

Our trades all contain buy-in, targets, stop-loss, capital allocation, and additional information.

The number is because I am limited by Trading View to 10 posts per day or else I would share for as long as I find them.

When the market is in bear mode, it is harder to get the right calls so the success rates are lower for everybody involved.

When the market turns, the contrary happens... You can check now and see the results.

Remember, we are not looking for right or wrong, we prepare for all scenarios based on what we are seeing on the chart.

What to do if prices move lower?

What to do if they move higher?

Always have a plan before you decide to trade... And you will be good regardless of your choice.

One last thing... There are thousands and thousands of us...

So we have many options, for many different people.

You pick the one that you think is best for you, do your own research, you enjoy the profits just as you can take the loss.

I can share 100 charts but you only need to buy the one that you think will get the job done.

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TheEWGuy BlurShines
@BlurShines, he just post 1000 charts...and those which hits he then calls for paid group to join such
i was in his paid group back in dec 2017 ..worst thing ever done..
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