[LTCU19][LONG][7X][77.28% ROE] Litecoin Lev. Trade @alanmasters

Here is our full Litecoin (LTCU19 / LTCBTC ) leveraged trade as promised.

Wishing you the best ever... always...

Don't let anybody tell you any different...
Know that you will always DESERVE THE BEST!

Now... Let's trade!


Leverage: 7X

Buy-in: 0.006980 - 0.007200


(1) 0.007300
(2) 0.007490
(3) 0.007600
(4) 0.007810
(5) 0.007990

Stop-loss: Close daily (1D) below 0.006700

Liq. price: 0.006280
(Buy-in calculated at 0.007195)

Potential profits: 77.28% ROE

Capital allocation: 6%

Note: The LTCBTC pair prices can vary slightly between leveraged and normal trading platforms.

This trade applies also to PrimeXBT on top of BitMEX as well as other platforms that offer margin trading such as Binance.

PrimeXBT can now be used as an alternative to BitMEX or just to diversify... Yes, we diversify even exchanges.
Don't put all of your cryptos in one place, split between multiple platforms for better safety and security of your funds.

Alan Masters Tips

  • Leveraged trading is for advanced/experienced traders only.
  • Trades can produce great, fast, high-profits just as they can generate losses.
  • Some we win, others we don't win.
  • Always secure profits as soon as we hit our first target.

Thanks a lot for the continued support.


Aug 23
Operación activa
Aug 24
Comentario: Targets:

(1) 0.007300 -Reached (+10.21%)
(2) 0.007490 -Next target
(3) 0.007600
(4) 0.007810
(5) 0.007990
Aug 27
Operación activa
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