Aeron (ARNBTC) Breaks Above EMA50 (60%+ Coming Days/Weeks)

BINANCE:ARNBTC   Aeron / Bitcoin
Aeron ( ARNBTC ) is now trading above EMA50 and is showing potential for a strong move to the upside.

The chart is looking bullish , but the chart changes with each candle that closes. So we maintain a bullish bias while ARNBTC is trading above EMA10 (0.0002039) and become bearish if it trades below this level.

Our targets are marked with magenta lines and 60%+ can easily be collected within the next 2-3 weeks, with bullish action happening now.

Conditions for change: If ARNBTC moves below EMA10, we look for the blue dashed lines as support.

EMA100 (0.00002471) is our next target.

Thanks a lot for the support.


P.S. This is not financial advice.
All the information shared here is for education purposes only.
Sep 22
Comentario: First target hit
"EMA100 (0.00002471) is our next target."

With an avg. buy-in at 0.00002050 this can mean over 20% of profits... More to come, this one is just getting started.


(1) 0.00002550
(2) 0.00002650
(3) 0.00002800
Sep 27
Comentario: (1) 0.00002550 -Reached 27-Sept. (+24%)
(2) 0.00002650 -Reached 27-Sept. (+29%)
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Perfect chart and timely call.
i think we are moving up now.
alt's are showing trend reversal . Shed some your light on in Master
+1 Responder
alanmasters CognitoBTC
@CognitoBTC, I will be sharing some charts soon and posting some updates.
+2 Responder
CognitoBTC alanmasters
@alanmasters, waiting for it Brother
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