Insolar Long-term Targets After Hitting New All-Time Low (900%)

BINANCE:INSBTC   Insolar / Bitcoin
Insolar (INS) Overview

Insolar is a global technology company building public and private blockchain solutions on the Insolar Blockchain Platform, which is a reportedly secure, flexible, and scalable blockchain for business.

Insolar Blockchain Platform is a solution which streamlines interactions between companies. The platform’s key features, as described by the team, are unlimited scalability, security, simplified development, interoperability, user protection, and regulatory compliance.

The Insolar team consists of 70 people (of which 45 are engineers and researchers) in 5 countries, including the US and Switzerland. The team utilizes the knowledge of engineers and industry veterans to help organizations explore blockchain use cases and tackle technological, operational, and strategic risks.

Insolar ( INSBTC ) Chart Analysis by Alan Masters

Long-term chart and targets:
  • RSI Oversold.
  • Divergence showing up here as well.
  • Price going flat, potentially for a bounce after bullish divergence and oversold RSI .

Easy 45%+ profits potential in a matter of weeks... Huge potential long-term.

Any questions?
Use the comments section below.

Comentario: Targets:

(1) 0.0000300 -Reached 28-Aug. (+11.11%)
(2) 0.0000340 -Reached 28-Aug. (+26%)
Comentario: Targets:

(0) 0.0000255 |Hit 7-Dec. (+27%)
(*) 0.0000278 |Hit 8-Dec. (+39%)
(1) 0.0000300 |Hit 14-Dec. (+50%)
(2) 0.0000340 |Hit 2-Ja. (+70%)
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Hi @alanmasters,
Can you give an update on INS?
Thank you
@TReijnd, Will share another one when there are some bullish signals coming up from the charts.
Thanks Master
+1 Responder
@sidhabdn, My pleasure.

Thanks for the support and for taking the time to comment.
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