Tierion Will Continue Growing | No Bears Around (150%+ Already)

BINANCE:TNTBTC   Tierion / Bitcoin
Tierion ( TNTBTC ) has been one of the strongest pairs on Binance in the past couple of weeks... We got this one at the bottom.

We are seeing over 100% growth...
You can see some of the details here:
Now, why do I say this will continue growing?

First of all... This is just the beginning, the altcoins market will grow for years to come.
Second... There are no bears around.

Take a look at the 4H chart:
Looks like there will be some consolidation and more up...
No signs of retrace or correction yet.

If the retrace and/or correction does come, remember that this is completely normal and the pair remains bullish as long as it remains trading above EMA10 (0.00000574).
On a strong retrace, TNTBTC price can even break EMA10 to test EMA50 and bounce to resume its uptrend...

Our average buy-in is sitting at 0.00000290 BTC .
Over 150% of profits generated so far when we consider the peak price reached yesterday.

Are you on this one?
Are you enjoying the profits?
Waiting patiently for your pair to move?

Whichever your answer... PATIENCE IS KEY!

Thanks a lot for being here with me.

Oct 30
Comentario: Tieron (TNTBTC) continues to grow...

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hi! update, please?
I am following your analysis. I would like to know what you think, if possible, now that there has been a peak of 728 sats and a downturn is happening right now. Anyway thanks for your work.
alanmasters hugujunior
@hugujunior, It can still be short-lived like late Sept., so it needs time to know how the retrace will develop.
Thanks for the share Master. Jep 75% of my trades are 5% + growth now as we speak. Looks really good. The last 20%is going sideways and the 5% is one having a bad day or hour :)
I don't consider the peak price reached yesterday.
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