Ark Moving Out Of Downtrend, Lots Of Growth Available (550% to 2

BINANCE:ARKBTC   Ark / Bitcoin
Ark ( ARKBTC ) is on the early stages of breaking its downtrend... Lots of growth to come in the near future.

Looking at the chart above:

  • We can see a huge increase in green/bull volume today, highest since March (just like with AGIBTC ).
  • Broke first trendline (bold red), challenged the second one (dashed red).
  • Trading above EMA5/10.
  • RSI and MACD are leaning towards the bulls and allow for plenty of growth.

Ark is showing great growth potential... Reaching Feb. 2019 peak price can generate us over 550% profits, while the ATH (All-Time-High) can yield over 2100%...

We were expecting for the altcoins market (ALTSBTC) to move after mid-July... We are having massive bullish action...

TRUST! ... This is just the beginning...

It was clearly stated here:
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Comentario: Up to 29% profits generated since sharing.
Comentario: Looking to grow some more. Price has been holding strong after it started to move.
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Great analysis. ARK has been dumping for a long time. Can't go any lower else company will shut down. Their market cap is around 20 million. They will grow.
+1 Responder
alanmasters CryptoPaily
@CryptoPaily, Agreed.
doesnt look good so far...
@Marvin993, Normally market movement... Patience is key.

Make sure to have a plan and goals before you trade.
Lot of brilliant set-ups you have provided. Thanks Master
+1 Responder
@sidhabdn, It is my pleasure... Thanks for the continued support.
i will buy it at 120-100 on last quarter of this year so take care
+1 Responder
@nabhan71, You can buy now, sell and then buy back lower... That works?
+1 Responder
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