Prediction: The Next Alternative Cryptocurrency Market Bull Run!

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We’ve been looking at the market and we believe Bitcoin will hit a top soon… This is just a prediction based on many different charts and not an analysis to take action on, just a general prediction.

We believe Bitcoin will move lower after reaching a peak price this or later next week. Then Bitcoin will start to retrace, this retrace can take 1-3 months depending on multiple variables, we will either see a test of support and resume the bull run. A higher low or a new low by September 2019. This, of course, varies depending on how the market develops.

This is an even bolder prediction, but we believe that the altcoins market vs Bitcoin (ALT/ BTC pairs) will find a bottom this week hitting new lows or next week. From here on the altcoins will grow for years to come.

Now, this is only a prediction and we don’t trade based on it, we treat each chart separately…

All of our trades have been fully updated. If any new or active trade moved down below stop-loss, we have to wait after the week closes before deciding to close or keep our trade. We use manual stop-loss.

Patience is key. As a new low can be hit but a massive bounce can follow just after a few weeks.

We can see big wicks down and up, but the candle close is what decides the way we choose to go.

It doesn’t really matter, in a way, how far down the price of a pair can go, what is important is to have a plan and know that the bear market has reached its goal.

Bitcoin moves first… We saw Bitcoin grow massively while the altcoins suffered the most.

When Bitcoin takes its first break, reaches a peak or retraces for long; the bottom will be in for the altcoins (vs Bitcoin ) and we start the Alternative Cryptocurrency Market Bull Run.

Thanks a lot for reading.


This is not financial advice.
All the information here is shared for learning and entertainment purposes only.
Comentario: We no longer do prediction as we focus mainly on trading and making money.

It is quite different to predict a price movement, compared to trading... Predicting is useless in our opinion, we rather analysis and trade based on what is happening.

So we look at the chart and see the different potential scenarios and prepare and trade based on which one takes place... But, it is also fun to predict and speculate...

Hoping you enjoy...

This is Alan Masters...

Previous analysis:

We might get the wrong idea when we think about the future.

We might get lost... We are taught to cherish the present, live in the present, be in the moment... Yes! That's where we are.

But how to change?

How to experience the life that you want if you can't focus on what comes next?

How can I change my future, if I can't see what will happen for all of us?

I am asked to start visualizing by feeling, but the feeling that I am looking for isn't in the present, so the future again is already lost.

What's going on?


Focus on the present!

You are already in the future, your future...


Comentario: ETHOS (BQXBTC) Breaks Its Downtrend - Chart Analysis.

We hit our first target today for up to 29% profits...
Comentario: Our TOP can be the last high ($13,868), a new peak ($17,000) or even a new ATH ($20,000 or higher).

We believe it will be reached soon and after there will be a retrace and a new altcoins season will start.

Thanks a lot for all the support, truly appreciated.
Comentario: BTCUSD broke below EMA10 on the 4H scale, but it quickly bounced back up after reaching EMA50 (magenta):
We also ended with a higher low on this time frame.

We have a full bearish candlestick on the daily, so the close today will be important... Yet, BTCUSD remains above EMA10, which is bullish, on the daily (1D) scale.

Here is the chart:
Thanks for reading.

Comentario: Latest Bitcoin update:
Comentario: New update...
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As always, very grateful for you deep insight. Please check out my idea!
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alanmasters TulpenFieber
@TulpenFieber, Thanks. Already did, nice one.
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+1 Responder
alanmasters TulpenFieber
@TulpenFieber, Liked the tattoo joke... Thanks for sharing.
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TulpenFieber alanmasters
@alanmasters, I'm honoured that you took the time to respond! Thanks! Haha glad you like it. I've learnt a lot from your analysis, huge fan!
Your analysis was helpful
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alanmasters OsmanAchak
@OsmanAchak, My pleasure. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Nice I also think it will happened
Nice mate!
Keep doing!
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