Bitcoin Cash (BCHU19) Same Setup (BitMEX Leveraged Trade)

Bitcoin Cash (BCHU19) is no exception, this setup is very similar to the one we just shared for ADAU19 which you can find in the related ideas below.

The signals are simple and as follow:

  • Break above resistance in the form of EMA5, EMA10, and EMA50.
  • Bull volume growing (above average - highest in the past 4 days)
  • Bullish RSI .
  • Higher lows...

Now, please remember that even with this setup, many bullish signals and bullish action already on its way, any trade/chart and still break down, so make sure to always have a plan and stop-loss in place when trading.

This is for experienced/advanced traders only... If you are a beginner, please check the Altcoins trades (Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, KuCoin, Huobi, CoinEx, etc.).

Feel free to hit like to show your support.

Jul 26
Comentario: Trade: LONG BCHU19 (Bitcoin Cash)

Leverage: 5X

Buy-in: 0.02820 - 0.03044

Time frame: 4H


(1) 0.03200 -Reached (+28.05%)
(2) 0.03330 -Reached (+49.50%)
(3) 0.03440
(4) 0.03590

Stop-loss: Close 4H below 0.02790.

Liq. price: 0.02500
(Buy-in calculated at 0.03030)

Potential profits: 92.4% ROE

Capital allocation: 6%.
Jul 29
Comentario: We are now aiming for our 3rd target.
Jul 30
Comentario: Moving higher... Up to 57.75% ROE to peak price reached so far...
More to come.
Jul 30
Comentario: We hit another target for 67.65% ROE total.
Enjoy the profits.


(1) 0.03200 -Reached (+28.05%)
(2) 0.03330 -Reached (+49.50%)
(3) 0.03440 -Reached (+67.65%)
(4) 0.03590 -Next target
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+1 Responder
@again901, Yes, for this trade but it can go much higher if you look at the higher time frames.



again901 alanmasters
+1 Responder
@again901, Sure, it is my pleasure to help. :)
I am new and paper trading now but I am starting to be able to follow you and really appreciate your insight sir!
+1 Responder
alanmasters bugotsanchez
@bugotsanchez, I am really happy to hear that.

Wishing you great long-term success and the achievement of all of your goals and massive wealth.

Thanks a lot for your support.
plz let me know taget point.
+1 Responder
@again901, You can find them on the chart.

I also posted the full trade now after we hit two targets.

Already in thanks to you, nice call !
+1 Responder
alanmasters Harry_Seldon
@Harry_Seldon, My pleasure... :)

Thanks to you for the support.
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