[GRSBTC](666%) Groestlcoin Looking Bullish + Trade Signal

BINANCE:GRSBTC   Groestlcoin / Bitcoin
Groestlcoin is available for trading for the US and International customers on Bittrex, just as it is available on Binance, Huobi and other minor exchanges.

We wanted to share a trade for you just in case you enjoy this altcoin pair.

GRSBTC Chart Signals

But first, let's start with the chart signals.

Let's take a look at the trade details now...

PAIR: Groestlcoin ( GRSBTC )

ENTRY: 0.00002500 - 0.00002700

NEXT SUPPORT: 0.00002270


(1) 0.00002840
(2) 0.00003180
(3) 0.00003420
(4) 0.00004280
(5) 0.00004630
(6) 0.00005180
(7) 0.00005580
(8) 0.00006080
(9) 0.00007530

(Entry calculated at 0.00002680)

STOP: Close weekly below 0.00002000.

Note: Up to 666% profits if you look at higher targets.

Additional targets:  -----------

Wishing you great profits.

This trade is exclusive to our Trading View great supporters, readers, and followers.

This is not financial advice.

Thanks a lot for the continued support.

Jul 29
Operación activa: ARGET:

(1) 0.00002840 -Reached 23-July (+6%)
(2) 0.00003180 -Reached 29-July (+19%)
(3) 0.00003420 -Reached 29-July (+28%)
(*) 0.00003850 -Reached 29-July (+44%)
(4) 0.00004280 -Next target.
(5) 0.00004630
(6) 0.00005180
(7) 0.00005580
(8) 0.00006080
(9) 0.00007530
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Ideas relacionadas

Hello and thank you so much for sharing your views :)
do you usually take profits on the way, or do you patiently wait for the highest targets?
again, tks for sharing (do you think populous is finally going to get moving today?)
waiting to make some profits to subscribe to premium with you - do you also share educational views with premium users?
Namaste and till soon
+1 Responder
@KryptoGal, Hey hi there.

We have different strategies based on our own lifestyle.

For some trades I sell right away while for others I wait for higher targets.

Yes, this is all described in detail on our website.

The PPT chart is looking quite bullish as well:

KryptoGal alanmasters
@alanmasters, thank you for your answer and for the TA

your help is very much appreciated
@KryptoGal, On the profit-taking, I highly recommend setting your sell orders beforehand (after buying) and selling a portion of your tokens/coins at each target.
KryptoGal alanmasters
@alanmasters, thanks again for your support! I only had set a stop loss, wish I had done as you describe - when grs was 40% up for ex. I did not sell anything... Living and learning :))
will do! Tks again
+1 Responder
@KryptoGal, Give it time, it will resume its uptrend after the retrace is complete.
GRSBTC already generating profits... Thanks a lot for the support.
GRS reached target (2)
Are you sure about higher targets?
+1 Responder
alanmasters shahramabaei032
@shahramabaei032, Don't need to be sure, we trade based on TA.

We buy low and wait patiently to later sell high.

Low risk, high rewards.

One time again I trade and Growth Stopped.
I am confused!!!
+1 Responder
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