DENT Hits New All-Time Low, Is This It? (323% PProfits)

How long have we been waiting for DENT to take off?
Feels like forever...

Just yesterday a new low was hit for DENTBTC and the RSI has been ranging around the oversold area for quite a few days now.

We are also noticing a really strong and interesting bullish divergence on the RSI , this one is not that common the way I am seeing it right now...

Many people have given up already or might be feeling "depressed" about this or in disbelief...

When you get the feeling of completely giving up and selling up to your last coin, it means that we might have reached the bottom and that the pair is about to move up.

What's your opinion, do you believe that DENTBTC will finally move up on this next run?

We don't know, it can go down just as it can go up, but we sure like to buy when the prices are low...

Low risk, plus high potential rewards.

Jul 29
Comentario: DENTBTC continues holding the same floor.
Trading volume comes to a halt.
The breakout should be happening soon.
Aug 19
Comentario: We are looking at 1-3 weeks maximum before profitable bullish action... :)

Thanks again for the support.

I love you.

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Dent has always let me down. May get rekt at these lower satoshi levels! Gotta wait for confirmation on this one. Thanks for the analysis!
+2 Responder
@jrcastell, Agreed...
On coinmarkecapt ATL was at 4 sats, see nov 6 2017
+1 Responder
@Furtif, Thanks.

When I mention ATL, I am referring to the chart we are looking at above (Binance in this case).
Furtif alanmasters
@alanmasters, ok^^ make sense :) Would you consider a first wave to top 13 sats? Thanks
+1 Responder
@Furtif, Yes possible.
+1 Responder
It may be a scam, drop so fast in a short time. At this time, PMA coin is better to buy.
+1 Responder
@hctno1, Thanks for sharing.
+1 Responder
Thank you for another great TA.
+1 Responder
@mikac, Thanks a lot for the support. :)
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