SingularityNET Shoots Up w/ Massive Volume (350% - 560%)

BINANCE:AGIBTC   SingularityNET / Bitcoin
SigularityNET ( AGIBTC ) moved today with great strength and volume and it seems it will gain additional momentum.

We are looking at the highest trading volume on the daily since March and also the second biggest volume bar ever on Binance for this pair; AGIBTC .

The potential is huge, AGIBTC can generate up to 360% of profits by hitting the March 2019 peak. If it goes to new highs, it can generate as much as 530% profits based on Fibonacci proportions.

The indicators are looking bullish as well as the chart... We believe this is only the beginning.

Thanks a lot for reading.

This is not a piece of trade advice.
Our trades contain buy-in, targets, stop-loss, and additional information.

Here you can see an example of a FULL TRADE:
Another one here, notice the difference between chart review/analysis and trade signals:
Thanks a lot for the continued support.

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Thanks Master.
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@sidhabdn, Always!

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