VIBE Is About To Have A Bullish Breakout... 400% PProfits Total!

VIBE ( VIBEBTC ) is looking quite bullish on Binance and I believe it is about to have a bullish breakout.

The initial breakout can send its value/price up by as much as 50%, with additional gains over the long-term, reaching a total of 450%+ PProfits (potential profits).

As for the chart signals, we have the following:

  • Breaking above EMA10 as I write this.
  • Increasing volume .
  • MACD bullish divergence .
  • Bullish RSI .
  • New low hit recently.
  • Altcoins market heating up.
  • Other pairs from Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, and other exchanges are forming the same patterns/charts, and are also starting to move up strong.

I'll be back and post an update after the jump.

Targets on the chart.

Feel free to hit like to show your support.

Comentario: Up to 19%+ profits generated since sharing... Much more to come in the near future... Remember that patience is key, it takes time for the charts to fully develop.

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Master what's ur view on this at present. Thanks
alanmasters sidhabdn
@sidhabdn, It is basically the same as most other pairs... They have the same chart. So it will follow the other Binance altcoins that are more advanced.
It is just a pump and dump coin,its going nowhere.
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