Stratis Moves With Strength, Over 250% PProfits!

BINANCE:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
Stratis ( STRATBTC ) is moving with good strength and volume , printing a really big volume bar today to try and break above EMA10... This one is getting hot and will also produce great gains in the weeks and months to come... Let's get started.

Here is the long-term chart for Stratis ( STRATBTC )(1W), we can see that a new low is being tested:
Now, back to the main chart above, we can see signals that Stratis might be trading near a low...

  • We have the biggest volume bar since January 2019 happen recently on the 16 June. Now we are seeing huge volume showing up today... Accumulation.

  • Now we are seeing very strong bullish divergence and it is showing on the RSI as well as the MACD , another very strong signal.

  • Attempt to break above EMA10 (green line).

  • Multiple targets and profits potential (PProfits) marked on the chart above.

The entire cryptocurrency (altcoins) market is heating up... and it continues to do so. Bitcoin continues strong and growing, while the altcoins are making their moves, consolidating and preparing to run again...

So, what will you do next?

Are you going to be trading for profits or will you stay in the sidelines and wait?

Share with us in the comments section below...

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To answer your question Alan, I am waiting on the sidelines for now. Waiting for BTC to cool down and give alts some breathing space. I have had no luck the past month on small cap alts, seeing almost all my positions go down to stop loss. If BTC goes up again and/or BTC dominance stays high, I'm too scared of losing more at the moment. I have enough fears in my everyday life, I want my trades reasonably safe-ish. And stress-free !

Since I've started trading, I've heard a few times that sometimes, the best trade is to not take any trade !
I'm a bit addict to trading so... while things are getting rough, I use that cool-off time to write articles on bitcoin here on Tradingview, to avoid taking positions :)
Working on the 3rd part now.
+1 Responder
alanmasters Harry_Seldon
@Harry_Seldon, You took a bad time to cool down... Altcoins are bottomed out, this is the time to buy, you can cool down when everything is moving up and we are collecting profits... But things are starting to move.
Harry_Seldon alanmasters
@alanmasters, Thank you for your words of encouragement. I'll take some time off to fix my broken mind and come back with all my strength. Then I'll take the trades.
I've heard the words "bottomed out" so many times these last 2 months, and still there were deeper bottoms each time and only stop losses.
I followed some trades bragging about extreme profits, when I collected merely a few targets at 10 /20 % and all the other trades in stop loss.
It's appealing to see big profit numbers on flashy trade setups, but reality is then all the more depressing when you calculate your net results. It feels like you're doing it all wrong when you've been giving your best.
Harry out for a few days :)
How do you thing ADA/USDT pair will do?
alanmasters ffeizian
@ffeizian, I will take a look...
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