Walton Massive Bullishness, Strong Move Ahead, 2900% PProfits!

BINANCE:WTCBTC   Walton / Bitcoin
I am looking at the Walton ( WTCBTC ) chart long-term and can notice massive potential... Let's take a look at this chart together, please allow me to entertain you for a few minutes...

Let's get started!

Walton ( WTCBTC ) on Binance Weekly (1W) Chart

We are looking at Walton long-term, to be able to gauge its real potential and we can notice a new ATH sitting at 0.0062086 based on my Fibonacci proportions. This new ATH would give us over 2900% profits potential from the current price... Profits like this can take 1-2 years to fully develop, but one can also earn through the shorter-term waves...

Let's get to the signals now:
  • Marked with a light blue square we can see the Aug/Sept 2017 low/support being tested just last week (June 2019). Last time this level was visited a massive bull run followed.

  • We can notice really strong bullish divergence on the MACD . A classic now.

  • The RSI hit its lowest point ever and it is now moving up with massive momentum... Here is the chart:
  • Strong and increasing green volume .

Overall, WTCBTC is looking quite bullish and we believe in strong growth for the close and far away future.

We marked all of the targets on the chart, the orange and gray lines. This is where WTCBTC will find resistance on the way up, we use these levels to sell and collect profits before a pull back.

Feel free to hit like to show your support.

Comentario: Moving up nicely... Up to 40% growth/profits since sharing.

Enjoy the profits.

Comentario: Zilliqa Prints A Double Bottom
Starting to look bullish but can go either way...

Populous Hits A New Low And Bounces
This might be it for PPTBTC...

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Bytom (BTMBTC)(+17% Profits generated)

Solve.Care (SOLVEBTC)(+50% Profits generated)

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(+66% Profits generated)

Fetch.AI (FETBTC)(185%)
Trade signal

VIBE Bullish Breakout Caught On Camera...
Comentario: Looking good, will move soon.
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