CyberMiles Starts To Run (1190% PProfits), Can Go Higher!

BINANCE:CMTBTC   CyberMiles / Bitcoin
CyberMiles ( CMTBTC ) is doing some great numbers on Binance. We've seen over 75% growth in the last 12 hours... Here is the chart:
Let's take a look at this chart together, we have some targets for you... and make sure to hit like to show your support.

Let's get started!

  • We have a high volume break above EMA5 and EMA10, after CMTBTC printed its highest volume candle (accumulation) just three weeks ago.

  • The above signal is only confirmed when the week closes since we are looking at the weekly chart.

  • The indicators are also massively bullish with the MACD printing bullish divergence and the RSI trending up strong.

  • We have over 1,000% (10X) profits potential (PProfits) if CMTBTC reaches its May peak price... This can take time, of course, anywhere between 6-8 months, up to a year+.

So CyberMiles is looking quite bullish on Binance for the long-term, but what happens if something goes wrong?

Conditions for change: If CMTBTC moves down and closes below 0.00000280, the above signals are invalidated.

Thanks a lot for reading.

And thanks a lot for your continued support.

This is Alan Masters.

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