Ripple (XRPU19) Goes For 138% ROE on 5X Lev.

Ripple (XRPU19) is starting to look really hot right now with bullish volume building up and multiple resistance levels being broken.

We have Bitcoin ( BTCUSD ) retracing while the altcoins are starting to move.

We know the Ripple moves inverse to Bitcoin in the shorter cycles, so here we have multiple signals pointing to a move up for XRP.

We are looking at a trade set-up that can yield up to 138% ROE on 5X leverage, medium risk but high rewards.

Details are on the chart.

This is not financial advice.

If you would like to see the full trade details, buy-in, target, stop-loss, capital allocation, profits potential, and more, make sure to hit like.

If this trade idea receives 150 likes we will share the full trade.

Our Litecoin (LTCU19) trade is now at 104% ROE collected within 48 hours of sharing... See it here:
Thanks a lot for the continued support.

Comentario: +26.6% ROE from recommended buy-in to peak price reached at 0.00003918.

Ripple (XRPU19) is already pushing forward by challenging EMA50 on the 4H time frame, we can also see increasing volume...

Here is the chart:
Comentario: We also have a chart now for Bitcoin Cash (BCHU19) if you want to continue trading with us on BitMEX.

Thanks a lot for the support.

Comentario: Results from our Blox (CDTBTC) trade, over 101% profits generated.

Our QuarkChain (QKCBTC) generated 70%+...
Ren (RENBTC) generated 90%+...

Many pairs are moving... The altcoins market is starting to heat up!
Comentario: Thanks a lot for the support... Please take a look at some of the recent altcoins that are having bullish action on Binance and other major exchanges:


MCOBTC USD Visa Card Launch

Genesis Vision (GVTBTC)


Comentario: Komodo
Comentario: Ren (RENBTC)(+116% Profits generated)

Enjoy the profits!

Comentario: Pundi X (NPXSBTC)(127%)

Patience is key! ... Trade here:
Remember to hit like...
Comentario: BitTorrent (BTTBTC) already hit our first target for 27% profits with potential for so much more... Come and take a look at it here:
Comentario: Ripple (XRPBTC) imminent breakout according to signals coming from the 4H chart:
Comentario: Basic Attention Token (BATBTC) Full Chart Analysis
Comentario: We hit our second target already...
When we reach 150 likes I will share our FULL TRADE details and add a new entry.


(1) 0.00003860 -Reached 30-June (+18.8%)
(2) 0.00004000 -Reached 1-July (+34.94%)
(3) 0.00004200 -Next target


Thanks a lot for the support.
Comentario: EOS Token (148%) Full Trade
Comentario: Full Ripple (XRPU19) Trade as promised:
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alanmasters Very-Important-Trader
@Very-Important-Trader, Thanks for sharing.

Look very nice !!
+1 Responder
alanmasters Cryptotrader_123
@Cryptotrader_123, Really nice chart, thanks a lot for sharing.
Hey, rdd is looks good. What do you think?
+1 Responder
@breyhan, I will take a look.
@breyhan, I can see bullish divergence building up but no signals yet...

breyhan alanmasters
@alanmasters, thank you for your time. I'm waiting your signals, i think you will share the chart rdd when time is come :)
+1 Responder
@breyhan, I will... Thanks a lot for the support. :)
+1 Responder
breyhan alanmasters
@alanmasters, i have 1 interesting coin, qwark top is 14 k but now is just 14 satoshi
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