Cortex Retraces After 85% Of Growth | What Happens Next?

HUOBI:CTXCBTC   Cortex / Bitcoin
Cortex ( CTXCBTC ) hit a new All-Time Low on Huobi on the 25-September, the same with so many other altcoins pair throughout all exchanges.

As you can see these altcoins move in groups. We have a group that hit a low back in August, then a new group in late September and there are some others that are hitting new lows recently... Soon after this new lows are hit, massive bullish action ensues.

Now it is clear to see that the exchange in which these altcoins are traded is irrelevant, they all follow the same patterns/energies/bots/flow/manipulation/market action/cycle, etc. It is all the same...

We just need to figure out when the next bullish move will come after a low/support is hit.

  • The current retrace might be reaching its end... Another drop is possible to the last low at 0.00000720 satoshis before CTXC can start moving again.
  • Another scenario is that this retrace low was hit yesterday and it starts to grow from here on out.

Whatever happens... This chart is now bullish as long as CTXCBTC stays above 0.00000720 ...You deserve the best!

Cortex ( CTXCBTC ) Long-Term Chart

  • 3210% Profits potential to All-Time High ( ATH ).
  • Bullish divergence with the MACD .
  • Price going flat and reducing volume (the bear trend is losing momentum and coming to an end; early reversal signal).

Thanks a lot for reading.

Comentario: Up to 215% of growth...
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good work!
+1 Responder
alanmasters Yuriy_Bishko
@Yuriy_Bishko, Thanks.
What do you think about it now ?
alanmasters lepstick
@lepstick, Maybe time for retrace.
This one is worse than AION ;)
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