Cardano (ADAZ19) Above Resistance | 57%+ On 10X

Cardano (ADAZ19) is now above resistance and can easily move higher.

Take a look at the purple circle on the chart:
  • Here we can see that the red trendline has been broken in favor of the bulls.
  • We can notice a break above EMA50 and EMA100.
  • This break is also supported by above-average volume .
  • MACD and RSI bullish .

All these signals are pointing to additional growth.

This setup can generate over 55% of profits with 10x lev. but... Remember to have a plan/strategy if you decide to trade.

The main bullish scenario is drawn on the chart above.


This is not financial advice.

Oct 24
Comentario: Beautiful... Second target hit.

If you followed this chart... Enjoy the profits.

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