Beam Found Its Bottom | Starts To Grow! (How To Trade)

BINANCE:BEAMBTC   Beam / Bitcoin
Beam ( BEAMBTC ) hit a new low just yesterday and is now having a strong bounce... Looking at it closely, this can turn into more and additional growth can happen.

I've marked multiple resistance levels based on Fibonacci proportions on the chart.

I think it will move up and then start to retrace only to continue growing after this retrace. This can all develop in several weeks (2-3).

I am seeing at least 20%+ growth and even more depending on how the chart and markets develop.

Each day the charts are changing and we have certain rules setup based on experience for when to switch from bearish to bullish and vice-versa.

So you can see an analysis I post with a bullish chart and then it crashes and it goes contrary to the chart... This isn't good or bad, right or wrong, simply we adapt to whatever is going on.

So if BEAMBTC moves below EMA10, we are no longer bullish , instead, we switch to bear mode.

If the last low is broken, 0.0000634, then the chances of prices going much lower increases... So if we are trading this is where we put our stop-loss.

This is Alan Masters...
Thanks a lot for your support.

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BEAM has bounced and I'm not much of a fan of daily charts, although this one appears to be behaving like a longer term chart which might make this breakout worth trading. That said, there is an awful lot of overhead resistance to poke through.
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