XAUUSD Strategy for the last week of October

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👉Concerns about the risk of conflict between Israel and the armed Islamic movement Hamas spreading to the Middle East region are increasing, greatly affecting the price of precious metals, in the context of Israel stepping up airstrikes and supposedly is preparing a ground attack on Gaza. According to the Associated Press, Israeli planes struck targets in Gaza on the night of October 21 and 22, as well as two airports in Syria and a mosque in the West Bank. Israel has also regularly exchanged gunfire with Hezbollah forces since the conflict with Hamas broke out on October 7.

👉Next week, gold prices are expected to have many fluctuations when the market will receive the US's third quarter GDP report. Next week's inflation data is also expected to have an impact on gold prices. Forecasting the gold price trend, although the increase back to 2,000 USD/ounce is very impressive, it is not surprising that concern is prevailing.

👉The precious metal broke through all key resistance levels at $1,900, $1,950, and $1,980; that shows the market wants to see $2,000. It's a bit early to tell, but this could be the rally that takes prices to new all-time highs.

💰 💰Signal XAUUSD 💰 💰

PLAN XAUUSD October 23

🔽SELL watch Price range 1982$ - 1980$ - stoploss: 1986$

🔼Buy price range 1945$ - 1947$ - stoploss: 1940$

Note: Full TP, SL to be safe and win the market
Operación activa:
+25pips For entry sell 1982. happy day
Operación cerrada: objetivo alcanzado:
+70pips. Good entry SELLL

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