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GATEIO:GMMUSDT   Gamium/Tether
Gamium the best gem in this moment about metaverse, 25 Million USD of Marketcap, this project at least reaches 100 Millon USD value, although honestly my perspective is above 100 million capitalization.
The last week announced its partnership with Binance NFT, the exchange will create a building in the GMM metaverse, the token network is the Binance smart chain, its potential is wonderful.
GMM market capitalization chart is super interesting, bullish price action is clear, this little gem will give good coffers of wealth.

Gamium update

Its a gem 🍎☀️
The symmetrical triangule is perfect, buying volume starts to kick in again and price action is bullish, relevant volumes are at low points 💡
Gamium is fantastic, the symmetrical triangle is breaking upwards, you can see how the volume begins to accompany the rise 🍎
Is the pullback, Buy now 🍎

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