ETC/USDT 12h (Binance Fut) Descending triangle facing resistance

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Ethereum Classic is having a hard time breaking this TL and 100EMA so I expect some more rejection.
Still, a last leg-up is highly probable, that's why my entry zone is up there.

Current Price= 5.450
Sell Entry= 5.553 - 5.757
Take Profit= 5.280 | 5.000 | 4.810
Stop Loss= 6.014

Risk/Reward= 1:1.1 | 1:1.91 | 1:2.45
Expected Profit= +20.40% | +35.22% | +45.27%
Possible Loss= -18.48%

Fib. Retracement= 0.382 | 0.618 | 0.786
Margin Leverage= 3x
Estimated Gain-time= 720h
Operación activa:
Going well so far!
First target is very likely to be reach before end of month, let's be patient.
Operación cerrada: objetivo alcanzado:
TP2 exactly hit with +30% using 3x leverage

It seems that PCbot hasn't sold so I'll move it a bit now to secure the profit!

That trade is still active.
We may reach last target on a wick down retesting the big support, just be patient.
Bot would close remaining position if goes up to lowest entry again (5.553$)

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