Bitcoin Definitely Moving Lower, At Least $9280, Weekly Analysis

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dólar estadounidense
We looked at Bitcoin short term (4H scale) and we saw it going lower... Now, we are looking at the weekly chart and it isn't looking good... But, before we get started... Feel free to hit like to show your support...


Bitcoin (1W) Chart Signals & Analysis

  • We are looking at a lower high on the weekly time frame. This weeks candle is about to close.
  • Notice the last two red candles, both have a long wick pointing down and above average (high) bear volume .
  • Bitcoin grew from $3120 to $13,800+, after such grow, a retrace is as normal as it goes.
  • The RSI hit its highest level since October 2017, it reached overbought and now is looking down and bearish .

Yes... Bitcoin will move up... but only after moving lower... IT IS THE ALTCOINS TURN!
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Conditions for change: If BTCUSD moves and closes above the last high, the above signals are invalidated.
Comentario: Thanks a lot for the support. We will share a new update soon.

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Looks like we may have reversed @alanmasters check it out!
+6 Responder
The bull bat is forming !
+2 Responder
alanmasters boulard83
@boulard83, Can you show it?
+1 Responder
boulard83 alanmasters
@alanmasters, BTC on the one day looks like a nice bullish bat. I called it few days ago, BTC needed to go much lower to confirm this formation.
+2 Responder
I think it's time for a bounce up for NEO, what do you think?
+1 Responder
Its very hard to go below 9k for this reasons:
+1 Responder
@Jocoin, FAIL
Everyone, keep an eye out on the Libra hearings tomorrow. This is the key factor driving prices down.
+1 Responder
Do not listen to this guy!
I am the real Asuka of the famous Asuka prophecy that predicted this bull-run.
87k USD per BTC next year. It is all in the charts.

+1 Responder
@AsukaChan, Based on??????? A useless, baseless chart with squiggles.
+1 Responder
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