tripple squeeze/breakout incoming

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dólar estadounidense
price may move way beyond 'resistance levels' due to extremely unique and unusual setup.

we rarely have golden crosses in Bitcoin , last one was at the beginning of the big multi year bull market in 2015.

the triangle is -- should we hold it today -- textbook. it alone would have moved price to 6k after a breakout.

Bollinger squeeze is very clean. should price stay flat until 23rd, the tightening would be massive.

I do not believe 6k and then 'retest 3.5k' is in the cards. the setup is too perfect.

Fundamentally, bitcoin now and Bitcoin in 2015 is an utterly different story.

Bitcoin has survived a multitude of insidious and direct attacks, extended its reach monumentally and convinced a few countries to do aggressive crypto currency adoption (Belarus, for example)

Japan works with blockstream to do a Yen stablecoin on Liquid sidechain. This was published yesterday and is very very good news, but since 99% of the bitcoin media is either Ripple owned or Bcash owned, you won't read much about it.

Blockstream is also the only company in bitcoin space I trust. at all. the only company made by bitcoin OGs.

the very same company that has an actual Bitcoin Satellite in space -- which you probably also never heard of, thx to the controlled crypto press.
You can download the blockchain and send transactions without internet access thanks to their Satellite.

(side note: there is no such thing as "blockchain technology". It's like someone inventing a fridge, and scam marketers talk about 'open&close door technology'.
yes, every fridge has a door of sorts. but the point isn't that you can open and close it. the point is that it keeps stuff cool.
bitcoin is about an IMMUTABLE and DECENTRALIZED ledger (which it calls a blockchain). immutable = can not be rewritten -- and decentralized as in no central authority can dictate anything regarding transactions outside the math in the system.

yet EVERY SINGLE instance of "blockchain technology" is by a company. a centralized authority with an interest in squeezing customers and wage silly wars against competitions because the CEO income rests on that.
a centralized blockchain is nothing but a slow database of old in some bunker of some corporation or bank.

these blockchains aren't immutable at all. they're controlled (often blatantly called "permissioned", a technical term for censored). they can be rewritten. even transactions far in the past can (and will be, should the financial interest be great enough) be undone.

why would ANYONE put money long term into an asset that has the power to simply undo an investment retroactively? these things happened already with Ripple a few years ago. they froze the wallet of an ex-employee -- millions of dollars worth. now they promise they won't do it again, but why trust persons or corporations on a power trip?

the whole point of Bitcoin was to stop ANYONE but math itself to control the system, by being immutable, permissionless and decentralized.

the very three things that "blockchain technology" has done away with under the banner of 'improvement'.

what happened here is that people who do not understand what made bitcoin go from 2 cents to 20k come along and sell you a bag of goods that contains scammy, insecure and hazardous counterfeits of the real thing.
don't let anyone tell you bitcoin is slow or old tech. it is the most bleeding edge thing out there, with the best devs in programming space. it just isn't a company and cannot spent millions on marketing.

Very few projects in the crypto space are technically and morally sound and fill a niche that bitcoin actually can not fill and may never be able to: Monero is the only one I can recommend.
other scams bitcoin had to deal with is scammers buying up domains and accounts and convincing newbies who come into the space that their fork-coin is the actual bitcoin.
the bitcoin twitter account is held by a bcash guy, is owned by bcash scam artist Roger Ver, is owned by a guy who switched sides to bcash two years ago.

it is extremely hard for newcomers to see the manipulation. And they don't know that Ver is a convicted felon, or that he told everyone Craig Wright is the bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto. Now Ver and Wright had a falling out. But these two alone were responsible for very negative price action in bitcoin due to forks and flame wars they sparked.

Bitcoin has survived all of it though and is stronger for it.

Ver and Jihan (the disgraced and ex-bitmain CEO) had to buy up double digit percentages of available bcash supply to keep the price up.

Roger sold a large chunk of his bitcoin for that. which lead to price decline in bitcoin.

Roger and Jihan also cooperated in selling backdoored mining hardware on Roger's behalf so they could kill the original bitcoin with a remote kill-switch. a plan that failed when several(!) of them were discovered and people put firewalls up to protect miners from kill signals.
almost no one knows about this because the media will not report on it -- since it is owned by Bcash and Ripple people.
But I was there. check reddit.

Roger wanted a different block size rule in bitcoin. there was a vote on block size by miners. if the backdoors had not been found, they could realistically had influenced the vote by simply target all miners who send the support signal for the old block size, and bitcoin would have been forked in a manner that would not have worked out for the original chain.

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