Bitcoin SV Ready Grow? Strong Signal Can Lead To 50%+

BITTREX:BSVBTC   Bitcoin SV / Bitcoin
Bitcoin SV ( BSVBTC ) looks ready to continue growing... We have a very strong signal that reaches confirmation in less than 1 hour... Let's take a look.

What you see on the yellow circle is a "fake breakdown".
See how EMA50 (magenta) and EMA100 (blue) were broken (prices moved below) but BSVBTC quickly bounced and moved back up.

We can notice that the trading volume is above-average for this move, supporting its validity as well as the fact that the price moved above EMA10. Daily candle close is needed for the confirmation of this signal.

You can find additional details on the chart with potential scenarios (green and red arrows).

Thanks a lot for reading.

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Nice chart!
+3 Responder
alanmasters astromaniak
@astromaniak, Thanks.
+1 Responder
alan why dont you do the BSV USD pair..... give it a try mate
Any updates?, Thanks
@krh3683, The same...
How can this shit coin go up in price when BTC is due to fall and this scam coin is hand in hand with BTC price?
Just got rejected at 200MA on daily chart and on it's way down to what it is worth......1 cent.
alanmasters HowToBuyBitcoindotnetdotau
@HowToBuyBitcoindotnetdotau, This is the BTC pair.
ParabolicPanic HowToBuyBitcoindotnetdotau
Lol never .01
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