Cardano (ADAZ19) Short-Term | Easy 30%+ On 10X Lev.

Cardano (ADAZ19) is moving above resistance and looks like it can easily go higher.

Right now we are seeing a bounce that its pushing ADAZ19 above EMA50. A close above this level can lead to 525 satoshis and higher.

The MACD is curving while the RSI is strong.

Additional details can be seen on the chart.

Our BitMEX charts/analysis are producing great results, recently we shared Tron (TRXZ19), Cardano (ADAZ19), and Ripple (XRPZ19) with all the charts being successful, you can find them below:

Thanks a lot for reading.

This is not financial advice.

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why lately your charts there is up and down how I can useful from your charts in this why please explain to me I'm confused because up and down.

thank you in advance
+1 Responder
alanmasters nabhan71
@nabhan71, Looks like you want it easy... Read the description, it is explained there.

If prices move below support then it can go lower.

If prices remain above support then it can go higher.

Can be either one.
+1 Responder
is it up or down?
+1 Responder
satirev nabhan71
@nabhan71, He is telling you how to respond to prices.

He even publishes charts and descriptions of price points every day for free.

You seem to have to understand his way and approach slowly.

Predicting a price going up or down is like flipping a coin.

It's a shaman's job, not a trader's job.
Greetings my fellow trader. Agree with you
alanmasters chemistrytrades
@chemistrytrades, Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
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