RvZ - Reversal Zones Indicator..!

Hello Traders...!

Yet another indicator from myself following to my previous indicator "FIRST-5-MINUTES-ZONE-AND-HI-LO-BRKOUTS",


- It works on any time frame

- along with those zones i have added two more lines Red and Green which will be used as Intraday Resistance and Support lines.

- Pls donot expect Profit and Stop points, that is upto you.

- If market goes beyond those zones well then consider that market is trading stronger. with strict stops accordingly. If the market goes beyond those zones then LOOK LEFT for the previous zones and trade.

- 80% of time, the market respects those zones.

- The zones colours are CUSTOMIZABLE

- A simple strategy to use this in confluence with,

RSI (7) Range , EMA (100)
**** If stock trading above 100 EMA , Rsi in overbought, price in upper reversal zones, then voila...get some sack ready to fill the money...!!! same goes for opposite side *****

well then Traders, Enjoy and let's put some money in Bank....!!!!!


Sanjay Ramanathan
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Hi, Please grant access to test

Click ADD TO FAVOURITE SCRIPT button on top of this comments section. It will be added in your fav script section and you can access by inserting it on your charts.
IkaM sparsanjay9
@sparsanjay9, Drear Sparsanjay how can I install your indicator to TS? Look forward to receiving your advise.
Regards Ilija
IkaM sparsanjay9

Hi, I did click on the link but I can not locate the indicator.

I am using Tradestation and would love to have same indicator for the TS. Do you have the zones script for TS?

Thanks & Regards
download link pls
Nice work !I have been using 200 WMA & 50 WMA as key level zones. Try it. Plot the 200 WMA first and see the prices and then add 50 WMA n see :)
Thx for comment. I will try your setup too..
@bahl88, Hi, which timeframe?
bahl88 Elliott Moore
@Elliott Moore, 5 min & 1 min. But co-relate with short & medium term trend. In volatile markets can fly around
@bahl88, thanks
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