[XRPM19][LONG][7X][286.93% ROE] Ripple Bullish on BitMEX

Here is our new Ripple (XRPM19) full trade.
Wishing that you enjoy it and collect great profits.

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For experienced/advanced traders only.

Trade: LONG XRPM19

Leverage: 6X

Buy-in: 0.00004950 - 0.00005090

Time frame: 1D


(1) 0.00005500
(2) 0.00005900
(3) 0.00006400
(4) 0.00006680
(5) 0.00007120

Stop-loss: Close daily below 0.00004580

Liq. price: 0.00004335
(Buy-in calculated at 0.00005050)

Potential profits: 286.93% ROE

Capital allocation: 4%.

Thanks a lot for reading.
This is not financial advice.

Comentario: Previous trade (still active and reached over 96% ROE):
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What happens if you are long these contracts and they expire and you do not sell out your contract? Will Bitmex deliver you BTC into your account?
alanmasters AvgJoe2019
@AvgJoe2019, I am not sure, maybe they are sold automatically once the contracts expire.
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